Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions

Can I buy tickets at a discounted rate before my Network Railcard arrives?

A: You must carry your Network Railcard with you on any journey where you have bought discounted tickets with the Network Railcard. Therefore, if you buy discounted Network Railcard tickets before you receive your Railcard, you do this at your own risk.

Can I purchase First Class tickets with my Network Railcard?

A:  No. The Network Railcard only gives discounts on standard class tickets.

Can I use my Network Railcard in conjunction with Train Company special offers or promotional tickets?

A: Sometimes. Many offers from train companies allow Railcard discounts on special offers or promotional tickets but it may not be the full 1/3 discount. If Railcard discounts are not valid in conjunction with the offer, it will be detailed in the terms and conditions of the offer. You can use Network Railcard discounted train tickets to take advantage of 2FOR1 offers when you go by train. See for the full range of 2FOR1 offers in London and across the South East. 

Can I use my Network Railcard to buy my ticket on the train rather than at a station?

A: Only if there is no ticket office, or the ticket office is closed and there is no ticket machine available at the station at which you began your journey.  If this is the case you can buy your discounted ticket from on-train staff or at your destination station. Otherwise, if ticket facilities were available at the station you could be charged the full price of Standard Single fare tickets.

Can I use my Network Railcard to buy tickets for other people?

A: You can purchase tickets for yourself and up to three adults travelling with you and they will also get up to 1/3 off their rail fare. Plus, you can take up to four children (aged 5 to 15 years) with you and save 60% on each child fare.All passengers taking advantage of the Network Railcard discount must travel with the Railcard holder throughout the entire journey. 

Do I need to provide ID proof to buy a Network Railcard?

A: No. Just your name, address and basic information is required.

I lost the Railcard and am travelling now with the discounted tickets what should be done?

A: If you do not have your Network Railcard in your possession when travelling you are unable to use discounted tickets.Prior to boarding the train you can go to the ticket office and pay the difference between the Railcard discounted fare and the full fare for the relevant ticket for your journey. Alternatively, you can purchase a new Network Railcard at the station to take advantage of the discounted tickets you have already purchased.

What do I do if my Network Railcard is lost or damaged?

A: You can apply for a replacement which costs £10. If you bought online then please log into your account and follow the steps for ordering a replacement. If you bought your Railcard from a station you should go to a staffed station ticket office in the Network Railcard area with the completed ‘Receipt’ voucher from your original application form and some form of identification. Only one replacement may be issued in a 12 month period for lost or damaged Railcards and it will cost £10.  

What happens if I lose my device/digital Railcard?

A: If you lose your device, you can easily add your Railcard to a new one.If your Railcard is already stored on two devices, follow the instructions to remove it from the lost phone to add it to a new one.

Where can I buy tickets with my Network Railcard?

A: You can buy your Network Railcard discounted tickets online or at any National Rail station (ticket machine or ticket office) within the Network Railcard area.